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The RugbyDAO and Crossmint Partner to Launch The Leading Web3 Hub for Rugby Fans Worldwide

Crossmint, the leading provider of enterprise-focused NFT infrastructure, announced today its partnership with The RugbyDAO, the new digital clubhouse for rugby fans everywhere, underpinned by blockchain. This partnership creates an effortless on-ramp into Web3 for global rugby fans, and promises to revolutionise NFT accessibility and fan engagement.

Crossmint’s platform offers a turnkey solution for enterprises to create, distribute, and store NFTs at scale, making the blockchain invisible to end users. No longer confined by the cumbersome processes of setting up crypto wallets or navigating intricate crypto exchanges, Crossmint empowers users to mint NFTs in just 60 seconds and ensures an easy onboarding process, welcoming fans into new on-chain experiences.

The RugbyDAO is supercharging the fan ownership experience, empowering the rugby community to rally around key accelerative projects, and contribute to and share in the value of the sport’s sustainable future. The platform opens the door for fans to engage in voting, collaboration, and co-creation, while gaining access to a range of unique rewards and digital value, extending across a range of virtual collectibles, interactive content, fantasy leagues, connected merchandise, worlds, events, and gaming.

In the coming weeks, The RugbyDAO will be releasing phase one of its Foundation Membership Digital ID’s (NFTs) to its first 350 early adopters, a curated and formidable group of current and former playing legends*, union, league and club custodians**, grassroots champions, charities, global media outlets, technologists, and Web3 futurists. This collective of impactful contributors embodies an unstoppable powerhouse of rugby passion and technological brilliance whose passion, insights, trust and early support stand poised to enable rugby to exceed its potential as a sport. These exclusive Digital ID’s will serve as a golden ticket to all things RugbyDAO, including but not limited to requests for new project propositions and primary voting rights, early access to future utility-backed memberships and projects, priority access to the DAO partnership programme, discounts from partners and sponsors, and access to the Foundation Membership network.

“We are excited to integrate with TheRugbyDAO to create a seamless fan experience on the blockchain that resonates with rugby enthusiasts worldwide,” stated Rodri Fernandez, co-founder at Crossmint. “Just as major entities worldwide are integrating NFTs seamlessly into their operations, indistinguishable from web2, the sports realm is no exception. The realm of Web3 has already enhanced fan engagement for giants like the English Premier League and the National Basketball Association. Now, the world of rugby steps into the spotlight.”

In 18 months, Crossmint has grown to establish itself as the largest enterprise-focused NFT platform, powering more than 18,000 companies and developers, including Fortune 500 companies and major brands like Etihad Airways, Red Bull, Diageo, and recently, Coca-Cola and Atari in Coinbase’s Onchain Summer campaign.

“Empowering the rugby community, enabled by Web3 tech, is at the heart of The RugbyDAO’s mission,” says Nick Riggall, Co-founder of The RugbyDAO. “Teaming up with Crossmint aligns seamlessly with our goal to revolutionise the fan experience, making it globally accessible, intuitive, and enjoyable for everyone.”

As the partnership between Crossmint and The RugbyDAO unfolds, the NFT and sporting landscape is poised for a dynamic evolution, where technology harmonises with fans’ passion, and accessibility reigns supreme, creating opportunities that resonate with both long-standing supporters and new audiences.

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