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We’re building a new Clubhouse for rugby fans and change-makers using web3 technology to grow the game we all know and love


The RugbyDAO is a game-changing project that brings fans together to create new ideas and shape the future of rugby. We’re offering a once in a life-time to be one of the first 1,000 “Fan in Residence” members. You’ll connect with other fans from around the world to build the next 200 years of rugby. If you love rugby and want to help shape its future, this is your chance!


A Sustainable Future For Rugby

We believe rugby deserves more. We’re bringing the fans into the core of game day experiences, closer to players and part of a global community where they can contribute and be rewarded


Creating A Home For Rugby Fans

The RugbyDAO brings together fans from around the globe to celebrate the best of rugby and build on strong foundations for the future of the game. Our early community is already building and you’ll begin to hear from change-makers helping us shape early projects. 

We’re proud to announce the launch of the Founders Mint featuring some famous names and committed rugby folks working behind the scenes to create new experiences for fans, everywhere at every level. We can’t wait to open the doors and welcome new squad members into The RugbyDAO and put the treasury to work on passion projects


Catch Up

As The RugbyDAO evolves, we’ll be working hard to create the world’s first transparent, equitable home for rugby fans. Keep up to date here with news from our rugby clubs, playing talent, web3 innovators and learn all about our latest and greatest partnerships

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Our Squad

What You Need To Know

Together, we are building a new digital clubhouse for rugby fans everywhere, powered by blockchain, pure passion, and a shared love of the game. Our mission? To supercharge the fan ownership experience, empowering the rugby community to rally around key accelerative projects and actively participate in shaping the sport's sustainable future.

The platform opens the door for fans to engage at a project by project level or around relevant rugby concepts, while gaining access to unique rewards and digital value, extending across a range of virtual collectibles, interactive content, fantasy leagues, connected merchandise, worlds, events, and gaming.

Our primary goal is to be the World’s first Sports DAO at the highest level and to give YOU, the fans and stakeholders, the keys to a new digital home for rugby. We're not just passing you the ball – you're the real MVPs! We invite you to play, vote, and collaborate like a pro shaping the sustainable future of rugby through community proposals, democratic voting systems and blockchain innovation. It’s a Rugby Revolution, and YOU’RE leading the charge! 

Our digital home enables fans to unite, create, collaborate and collectively benefit, scoring crucial points to grow the game. Everyone’s contribution, big or small, are the beating heart of our journey and alongside our early initiatives they’ll help fill the treasure chest (AKA the DAO Treasury) to fund the membership’s juiciest rugby projects worldwide.

The RugbyDAO is dedicated to placing fans at the heart of the game,  creating additive revenue streams for rugby entities, and building a transparent rugby ecosystem. Our best-in-class partners bring cutting-edge digital innovation, amplified commercial reach, strategic partnerships, player welfare solutions, and smart infrastructure - a holistic framework that enriches the entire rugby landscape.

Whether you're a rugby fanatic who dreams in tries, a player ready to tackle new adventures, or a club eager to make history, we welcome you into your new digital clubhouse. Swing by our website, hit that " Join The RugbyDAO waitlist" button, and gear up for a fan-centric future where personalised experiences, exclusive access, and fan data royalties drive a collective vision.

While we can't promise you'll fly on the field, you'll get some serious perks! As a trailblazer, you'll be showered with the crème de la crème of benefits, access, and voting power within the DAO, including: 

  • The RugbyDAO membership as a digital collectible/NFT (with real & ongoing utility)
  • Voting on The RugbyDAO projects to influence the game’s future
  • The power to suggest & spearhead new project initiatives
  • Early access to future utility-backed memberships & project (mints & drops)
  • Access to gated Discord community
  • Discounts from sponsors & partners
  • Rewards for participation & engagement

We’re cooking up a buzzing Discord community for all rugby enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and share their passion for the sport. Our Discord channel is now open for early adopters and we’ll soon be gearing up for exclusive updates, opportunities to shape exciting projects, and, of course, a range of unique access and rewards just for you.

Ready to join the huddle? Dive in, explore, and be part of something truly game-changing. Together, we're not just building a home for rugby; we're creating the future of the sport we love. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and soon to be discord to get real-time updates, project announcements, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of our Rugby adventures.

Great question! A Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a highly coordinated and self governing digital (online) community with a common goal, underpinned by the ultimate truth machine called the blockchain to keep everything squeaky clean and transparent.

Instead of being ruled by some fancy-pants hierarchy, a DAO is all about grassroots power! The decisions? Yep, made from the bottom up and the community is incentivised to collectively contribute and vote on decisions through a democratic process.  It's like a digital democracy, but with way cooler tech.

With blockchain as our ally and passion as our fuel, we're building a transparent digital home where fans become stakeholders, decisions take shape collaboratively, and the spirit of the game thrives. Every project you champion, every idea you pitch, and every vote you cast, you're propelling rugby's evolution, unlocking unprecedented realms of excitement, rewards, and unity.

This isn't just a DAO; it's a rugby revolution. So, let's huddle up, and let the world hear our roar as we tackle challenges, score victories, and power the game we love into an exhilarating new era of innovation.

OK, that was 2 paragraphs!


Inside The RugbyDAO