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Revolutionising Rugby Fan Engagement: The RugbyDAO and Pumpjack Dataworks Pioneer a Fan-Centric Partnership

Brace yourself for an unprecedented era of Rugby Fan Engagement and Immersive Digital Experiences.

The RugbyDAO, a new operating system for rugby leveraging blockchain technology, joins forces with Pumpjack Dataworks, innovators in fan data monetization, to ignite a fanbase united by their passion for rugby.

The RugbyDAO and Pumpjack Dataworks share a common understanding that their most valuable relationship is with the fans, and together they will create a future where fans are at the heart of the game, and where personalised experiences, exclusive access, content, and fan data royalties drive their collective vision.

This groundbreaking partnership marks a remarkable milestone in the rugby industry, charting a new path to untap an enormous asset made possible through fan community, and the collective interests of rugby enthusiasts worldwide.

The RugbyDAO is on a mission to unlock the full potential of rugby on a global scale, positioning itself as the first decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) to demonstrate a proof of concept at the highest level of sports with a thriving ecosystem that benefits fans, players, teams, and unions alike.

The foundational layer of the DAO consists of 250+ internationally renowned rugby and Web3 leaders, former and current players, technologists, and change-makers contributing their expertise and ideas to advance the sport and address its challenges.

In the coming months, The RugbyDAO will expand its reach to a broader global rugby fan base, fostering transparent stakeholder involvement, inclusive decision-making, and shared value across the rugby ecosystem.

Pumpjack Dataworks has established itself as the market leader in fan data expertise, providing teams, leagues, and federations with a comprehensive platform to organise, value and monetize their data. With an impressive track record of empowering data-driven sports organisations that include Major League Rugby (MLR), Major League Cricket [MLC] Dallas Mavericks, Ospreys Rugby, and World Table Tennis, Pumpjack Dataworks establishes new data royalty models for teams, leagues and their fans.

This partnership between The RugbyDAO and Pumpjack Dataworks holds tremendous opportunity for the rugby community to gain a deeper understanding of the global rugby fanbase and convert that into actionable data. Pumpjack Dataworks’ unparalleled data optimization capabilities enable access to a wealth of fan data from various sources to segment, identify trends, preferences, and behaviours and create a fan-centric data royalty ecosystem. In addition, their robust data infrastructure will safeguard fan data, mitigate the risk of breaches, and facilitate the secure exchange of datasets with partners and fans themselves.

Co-founder, Nick Riggall stated, “The RugbyDAO is positioned to extend its influence to the vast global community of rugby enthusiasts and unleash the power of data and innovation. This partnership between The RugbyDAO and Pumpjack Dataworks is a game-changer for rugby fan engagement, agency and equity and we are thrilled and energised to join forces with Pumpjack Dataworks, as their unrivalled expertise in fan data aligns perfectly with our vision of revolutionising the fan experience. Together, we will create an ecosystem where every rugby enthusiast feels heard, valued and able to contribute to the future of the game.”

Pumpjack Dataworks’ Co-Founder- CEO, Nick Goggans, added, “We are excited to embark on a transformative journey of growth and innovation with The RugbyDAO. Together, we will leverage the power of data-driven insights and blockchain technology to revolutionise the fan experience, and establish new data royalty models for both the industry and its fans.Together, The RugbyDAO and Pumpjack Dataworks will establish new standards for data-driven innovation and privacy within the rugby industry.”

The DAO is currently operating a waitlist for access to early projects and drops which is available to sign up to by visiting For more information on The RugbyDAO follow on Twitter and Linkedin

To learn more about Pumpjack Dataworks and their innovative fan data solutions, visit For more information on Pumpjack, follow on Linkedin.

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