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Join the first 1,000 fans to shape the future of Rugby


Our application is straightforward. Tell us why you love rugby, what you will bring to the community, and how you envision the future of the game with RugbyDAO?

Revitalising Rugby for Fans Worldwide

By joining us, you’ll be at the forefront of a fan-led revolution, transforming the way we experience and engage with rugby. We’ve developed an innovative RugbyOS® framework to empower you to co-create the sport you love, ensuring that rugby remains relevant and appealing for generations to come. You’ll be part of a community that values teamwork, innovation, and the power of fandom.


Fan in Residence Benefits

This is more than just a membership; it’s an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in the world of rugby. As a Fan in Residence, you’ll not only contribute to shaping rugby’s future, you will also receive perks, including:

  • Foundation Membership Digital ID & unique Collectible with real & ongoing utility.
  • “Fan in Residence” Role on Linkedin and Digital Clubhouse community (Discord).
  • Voting Rights on RugbyDAO projects to influence the game’s future.
  • Early access to future projects and drops.
  • Discounts from partners and sponsors.
  • Rewards and recognition for participation and engagement.


Join the Legacy

Together, we’ll challenge the status quo, embrace our passions, and build a sport that truly reflects the passion and diversity of its fans. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this movement. Join the RugbyDAO today and help us shape a future where rugby is by the fans, for the game.